Tight Lines and Big Tines!


The State Fish of Texas

By: Morgan Banner, @MoBanner/Instagram

With the weather still warm in Texas, I set out for another fun adventure to chase after some Guadalupe bass, the state fish of Texas. Unlike largemouth bass, the jaw on a Guadalupe doesn’t extend beyond its eyes and the markings are similar to a spotted bass. Because they are primarily only found in central Texas, my boyfriend Trey and I, along with our friend Mike, decided to wet our lines in Round Rock, just north of Austin.

Trey Prater and a Guadalupe Bass

Guadalupe bass do not grow to a large size so they prefer small flowing streams rather than quiet waters that largemouth enjoy. So to find them meant wading through waist-deep waters and climbing boulders to locate the perfect spots. We caught a good number of bass that day, but the highlight of the trip was catching one bass in particular. It had actually taken my bait the first time I presented it, but let it go before I could set the hook. I was discouraged thinking the fish was gone for good, but Trey was right behind me telling me to “wait a second.” Sure enough the fish returned and took my bait again! This time I made sure to set the hook perfectly.  It helps to have such great fishing buddies and landing that Guadalupe in particular was such a rush. When it comes to fishing, it pays to be patient. Don’t get discouraged and never give up!

Round Rock Largemouth

Tight Lines and Big Tines!
Morgan Banner


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