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Unicorn Buck

By: Khoa Le, TightLinesandBigTines.com

Have you ever seen a buck like this? Brad Langford just harvested not only an all-time top 10 buck for Jackson County, Texas, but one that possesses a unique point in the middle of its head. It’s why this buck was endearingly named “Unicorn.”

Unicorn Buck

Brad had seen this buck before on his trail cams and it has always had that extra tine, but he’d never seen it in person. As a patient hunter focused on quality land and deer management, he’s never shot a big buck off of his family property before. Because he’s been watching this deer for years however, he knew when it walked out, that it was a mature buck that was ready to be harvested. Based on the jaw measurements, the buck was aged at around 7 1/2 years.


Besides having the unique non-scoring “unicorn point,” the beautiful Texas whitetail scored 154 1/2 which places it among the top 10 bucks to have ever been harvested in Jackson County, Texas.

3 antlered deer

What kind of mount would you have done with a buck like this? Brad is trying to figure that out. Let us know on Facebook!

Tight Lines and Big Tines!
Khoa Le

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