We are passionate about original storytelling for authentic brands like Drake and sharing those adventures that we capture to the premier virtual hunting camp online. We welcome you to take a peek at who we are:

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Some of our recent adventures include:

This film was shot for Tanglefree Waterfowl to kick off the fall season. The dove opener signals the start of the traditional hunting season for many states in the south. It’s more than shooting birds. It’s family and friends. It’s conversation and camaraderie. It’s TRADITION.

Hand-To-Ham Combat follows Desiree as she sets out with David Frisbie, Trey Chapa and some four-legged friends to track down a wounded hog. Along the way, she encounters a BIG surprise and has to act quickly to save the dogs from being harmed in our most raw and wild adventure yet. This film teased the launch of the first-ever double-bladed knife from Havalon and generated unprecedented buzz behind its release. It also inspired many women hunters to get out and hunt hogs for the first time including some who booked this actual knife hunt through our outfitting service!

WYldest Dreams
Our critically-acclaimed film follows two friends who venture into the wild Wyoming landscape to fly fish and hunt for the animals they’ve always dreamed of catching. What they eventually find is an appreciation for the journey and a deep connection to the untamed spirit of the west. Watch the full-length film at http://www.WYldestDreamsFilm.com.

With the production and release of each film, a proven social strategy is executed upon to create dozens of sharable pieces of content in the form of stills, snack-sized videos and short-form written content on our owned and earned properties, as well as shared partner properties. The result is a level of online engagement that is unrivaled in the outdoor/hunting production space, leading to effective brand awareness, consideration and eventually conversions.

Drake Waterfowl is an iconic brand with a rich tradition in storytelling. We want to help continue that authentic storytelling in the online space. Let’s band together.