The term “point-and-shoot,” now applies to firearms. Introducing the self-aiming, wifi-enabled “smart rifle” that is capable of picking off moving targets at 1,200 yards away. That’s over half a mile away for those keeping score at home.  Developed here in our hometown of Austin, Texas by tech firm TrackingPoint, the “Precision Guided Firearm” eliminates much of the human error in aiming by utilizing a guidance system not unlike that seen in fighter jets. Its laser range finder, HD camera, wind speed sensors and onboard computer work together to automatically collect data and alter shots based on environmental factors such as distance, wind speed and even humidity. All the shooter has to do is select a target and press a button near the rifle’s trigger.

Once the button is pressed, the rifle will automatically lock onto the target and as it moves, the rifle will adjust its calculations to inform the shooter on where to move until the shooter is ready to pull the trigger on a high percentage shot. Looking to pull the trigger on purchasing one of these bad boys? It’ll cost you a cool $22,500. That said, an iPad mini comes packaged with the gun allowing you or your spotter (should you even need one anymore) to stream the action in your scope to the popular handheld device. You can capture that footage and share it online to friends, family and popular hunting and fishing sites like the Tight Lines and Big Tines! community on Facebook, wink wink.

So what do you think of this revolutionary “smart rifle” that essentially turns your average Joe into a full-blown sniper? Does this remove the “fair chase” in hunting? What kind of security questions or concerns arise from the advent of such powerful technology? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

What came to mind when we heard about this rifle.

What came to mind when we heard about this rifle.